I was having a conversation with my doctor friend yesterday and we were trying to think of a city that we would go to if we had to take a 24 hour trip. She is a 2nd year resident at a hospital and what that means is that she works 6 days a week and her average work day is 12 hours per day, from 6 in the morning until 6 in the evening. So with only one day off, Saturday, if we did take one of these whirlwind trips, we would leave on Friday around 6 and have to come back around the same time on Saturday so that she could get to work on Sunday. So, were kicking around ideas. Where would we go and what would we do there? Well, the 2nd part of that would be, NOT MUCH! By the time we got there, I’m sure she would be so exhausted, all she would want to do is sleep. But in a fantasy world, a great trip for a day would be New York City. That idea sounds great but, but when you add up all the travel time like the 3½  hour flight each way, and arriving in the city at probably around 11pm, it just isn’t very plausible. But it sure sounds sexy doesn’t it? We would arrive in the city Late Friday night. We could go to some cool “Sex in the City” type restaurant with a great view. Then hit some late nightclub with expensive drinks and party all night. Then up early to head to one of those cool street deli’s to get a sandwich and then maybe a couple of hours walking around the city around noon, and then hop in the cab and back to the airport.

Or maybe a quick Vegas trip? And if you go to Vegas for 24 hours, do you really need a hotel room? We would get to the casino and gamble all night and maybe hit up one of those cool clubs with the long lines and expensive cover charges. Get us a table by the dance floor and with the money we saved by not having a room, we could get bottle service. And the clubs in Vegas are open until almost daylight. Then, we would hit up Denny’s for some pancakes and back to the craps table.

Or maybe New Orleans would be the more realistic choice. It’s a way shorter flight and way more laid back. We could go to a nice seafood restaurant and then just bar hop all around the French Quarter. If we got hungry later in the evening (in between bars), we could get one of those Lucky Dogs from the street vendor or a few Krystal Burgers and a Drink while we continued our bar hop and maybe even check out some live music. And the people watching while in the Quarter is always amazing.

Well, those were the top three fantasy ideas that we had while drinking a couple glasses of wine.

Chicago and DC also came up but since I’ve never been to either one of those cities, I wouldn’t have a clue as to what to do there. I’m not going to take a fantasy trip to DC and tour the Washington Monument… Feel free to give me a few ideas. We may try this 24 weekend getaway sometime in the next few weeks so I will need a plan. ME? a PLAN? Haha…I’ve never said that before. Maybe we’ll do that thing that I’ve always kinda fantasized about doing. Just go to the airport and look at the monitor and pick a place that sounds good. Wow, now that’s a thought!