There are a few things that have happened in my life that made me as happy as I am today:

1. Getting married
2. Having a baby
3. The first half of the Chargers game this past Monday (second half… not so much)
4. Meeting LaDainian Tomlinson for the first time
5. Finding a hot pocket in the freezer when I am starving

And most recently
6. Cason sleeping 9 hours… straight!

Yes, the world has never witnessed Cason sleep longer than 4 hours without having some sort of wake up action. Not last night. We actually got to have a full night of uninterrupted sleep, first time in almost 10 months! It may not sound like a big deal, but when I woke up this morning, my first words were: “no freaking way!” Hopefully this continues to be an ongoing trend, because I am getting a ill sick of cursing into my pillow at 2 and 3 am when he wakes up. I think my pillow is starting to take it personally.

Now, I would like to admit that I was “that guy” last night. Here’s my admission: I am competitive. That’s not a bad thing, right? I like to win. It doesn’t matter what we are playing, I like to win… even if it’s just kickball. The good news is that I have actually gotten better at just having fun. I joke around, and keep it loose, but I still like to play hard. This is not a good thing when you are allowed to peg people with a huge, red, cherry ball. Yup, in kickball, you can peg people to get them out. I LOVE that rule. I don’t know if its a boy thing, or what, but hitting people with balls is fun, as long as you do it in a gentleman like way. I may have hit someone yesterday, but I was definitely not a gentleman. This was one of those moments where you do something, and you know it’s not going to turn out the way you intended for it to turn out. We caught a guy (thank god it was not a girl, would have made this much worse) in the middle of the base path. I was running towards him at full speed after catching a line drive. This means the guy has to go back to his base.

It has the same rules as baseball. I figured I had the guy, I could run up, get an out, and do one of my favorite things in the world… peg him. Well, I pegged him… right in the face. As soon as the ball left my hand, I knew it was happening. It was all in slow motion. The ball hit him square in the face. I heard all the girls gasp. I heard the random guy laugh. And I heard the guy grunt. My momentum carried me into him, so I did what any guy would do… I hugged him and apologized. Yup. I was that guy. I am willing to admit it. I can’t fight the urge to peg people with a ball. Ask Kinsey, I chase her around the house pegging her with Cason’s balls. You chuckled at that last sentence, didn’t you?

Luckily the guy was really cool about it, and did not beat me up. Yay! Maybe I should just stick to football, where you can’t peg people with balls.