Its been a while since I’ve had a dog but its been even longer since I’ve had a puppy that was 8 weeks old. And everything that goes along with that has begun. The wiping up pee and poop has started. Yup, I’m taking him outside as soon as he eats. Yup, he whines and howls when I leave him alone. But he is just so darned loveable. And man, is this little guy a chick magnet or what? Every girl that he meets wants to hold him. What a life, huh? I am so glad I decided to be a pet owner again. I didn’t realize how much I missed having a dog. And he is the perfect dog for me. I can’t tell you how many times I said, I have to go home and check on my doggie. Or I have to go pick up my doggie. I actually took him with me most of the weekend. And he didn’t throw up in the car once!! We just hung out like we have been best friends forever. I give him lots of love and kisses and then he’s ready to play…Then he’s ready to go back to sleep. While my girlfriend and I were riding in the car with him she said, “I know that technically this is YOUR dog, but can we please call him OUR dog?” Ha, that was such a cute question and it came from such a good place. Of course we can call him ours. I repeated that conversation to a few friends and they all agreed that she is getting me ready for a kid. ??? Really? I didn’t get that impression from that question at all. I think she just wanted to feel like she was a part of this whole doggie-parenthood thing. But if she’s trying to get me ready, then I guess I better get ready.

carphonefiredLadies and gentlemen, here’s a random tip from a business owner/manager. If you can’t make it to work, call them and let them know! If your phone is dead, borrow one and call them. There are phones EVERYWHERE. If your car breaks down, let your job know. MY CAR BROKE DOWN AND MY PHONE WAS DEAD is not a satisfactory reason for you to not show up for work! Can you tell that I had to fire someone this weekend? Ugh, firing someone is never fun. But as a guy that owns a business, I would rather you show up and suck at your job than for you to totally blow your job off and not show up. Ok, I’m still a little ticked…But, I’ll get over it.

About 2 months ago, my girlfriend bought me this gift card to this place called “Art of Shaving.” It took me a couple of weeks to use it. It’s a place in the mall that sells shaving stuff for men and right there in the store, there is the old fashioned barber chair complete with the barber. The barber is a well dressed man in slacks, a dress shirt, a necktie and a vest. He is ready to shave with his straight edged razor. The first time I passed by this store, I thought it was the silliest thing. Why would anyone want to go to the mall to get a shave. But guys, I have to tell you, this whole thing has become my regular routine for Sunday Morning. As soon as the store opens at noon on Sunday, for the past 3 weeks in a row, I have been in that chair…I know this may sound like a commercial but it’s not. I pay FULL PRICE and its worth it. The guy puts you in this chair and leans you back. Then he puts this hot towel on your face for about 2-3 minutes. While that’s going, he rubs your shoulders and neck for a quick massage. I won’t bore you with each of the steps but man, its awesome. Ladies, get this for your man for Christmas gift. Fellas, get one for your dad. But it truly is about the best way to start off my Sunday. Ok, enough of the commercial. I have never been so excited about a freaking shave! Seriously, ok, I’ll stop now. And the well dressed barber is a former back up dancer for Vanilla Ice! How funny is that? And how weird is it that I know 2 of Vanilla Ice’s back up dancers from two totally different parts of my life. One is my new barber and the other one is one of our cameramen for Dishnation.

That was my weekend. Puppy, Fired, Shave!