J-Si’s Blog: Family Time… that almost didn’t happen
J-Si’s Blog: Family Time… that almost didn’t happen

Nothing worse than getting a babysitter all set up, and getting excited for a night out, and then having that crash down on you. Bio dad and his wife were supposed to come visit us for a couple of days and to meet Chloe. They were supposed to arrive on Saturday, and we were going to have a grown ups night out… but we got a call around 10 am from them letting us know that their documents had been misplaced. It was actually bio dad’s wife’s visa. This is not good, because if she would have gotten on that plane without it, she would not have been allowed back into Mexico when she tries to go back. That could pose a problem since she lives, works, and has her children and husband there. They went to the police station to see if they could work something out, and decided to try the lost and found one last time… guess what? A cleaning lady had returned her visa to the immigration officers! The officer told them that he has never had anyone return a document like this one… because you could do so many fun illegal things with one, if you were lucky to find one. You can sell them for a lot of money, you can steal identities, you can run to another country. Tons of fun.

waiting-at-airportWe still had a problem, this happened hours after she lost it, which meant they missed their flight… their 10 am flight. So they had woken up at 6 am, drove an hour to drop the kids off, then another hour to the airport in the greatest traffic in the world, and were stuck at the airport. Nice. They got on a waiting list… behind 8 people. To top it off, the flight was at 5 pm. To sit at the airport and wait was a huge gamble. They did it anyways. At 4:30 pm, they called and said they miraculously got on the flight. Nice! They made it.

But the fact that they missed their flight let me see one of the sweetest thing I had ever seen. Kinsey and I went to grab some food while their plane landed. We ended up sitting next to a guy who looked to be around my age and his son. His son had some sort of learning disability. He had the body of a 10-12 year old boy, but he seemed not to be able to express himself as a boy of that age. One thing drew my attention: it was a father and the boy. It’s sad that that’s what caught my attention, but unfortunately, that’s what happens. If he was around my age, he had that baby when he was a teen or close to it, and a lot of guys choose to run. I automatically liked this guy… but watching him interact with his son made me like him even more. He wasn’t ignoring him, he wasnt on his phone. His undivided attention went towards his son… and they started cuddling in the booth. It was extremely heartwarming. I don’t know this man’s story, or what he has gone through, but I could tell he is a good person. In a world where it is so easy, for a man, to walk away, and ignore… he does the complete opposite. So I told the waitress that I wanted to pay for their food… and someone had beat me to it. How awesome is that? Good to know that other people are watching the good in this world.

I also did Yoga in the park with the girls on Saturday… which I will not do again because:

1. I don’t know where to look when the see thru pants are making things show up during some stretches.

2. I am not flexible.

3. Holding gas in during those stretches is not fun.

4. People are able to spectate. Pretty sure I saw a creeper with some binoculars.

That is all.