After a much needed weekend in Mexico, it’s back to work now. And the return flight was only 1 hour late. That’s probably the smallest delay that I’ve had in a while. But it’s always cool when you find out something about the person that you have been dating that you didn’t know. Man, it’s been almost 11 months that I’ve been dating Dr. Girlfriend. Where has the time gone? 11 months. WOW! That is something that even I don’t believe. It all grasshoppersstarted with a Pink Panty Shot. She told me that she almost didn’t date me at all. She said that I was late on our first Meeting at my bar and she was like if this dude can’t be on time for the first time that we are supposed to hook up, I was probably not the dude she wanted to hang out with. But I guess I made up for it. Here we are 11 months later. But the thing that I just found out is this…My girl, that works on people, cuts on people, fixes them and sews them back together. She has the nerves of steel and steady hands. What could she possibly be afraid of?

Well, she does have a fear…GRASSHOPPERS. She is way scared of grasshoppers. Why? She said because one jumped on her when she was a kid. Didn’t a grasshopper pretty much jump on all of us when we were kids? Well, regardless, that is her fear. My Dr. Girlfriend is afraid of grasshoppers. I found this out as we were walking to our condo in Mexico. She was so scared that she scared me. I thought that she had seen a ghost or something. She may have jumped about 5 feet off the ground. It was broad daylight and I was like: What? I was expecting her to say that she saw a dead body or something…Nope, it was a grasshopper. And once we turned around and walked a different direction to get to our room, we walked into our room, sat down and checked out the patio. And what was on the patio? Another grasshopper. NO, Baby… we can’t change hotel rooms because there is a grasshopper on our patio. Yes, she asked me that…I removed the patio and she calmed down. No, I failed to mention to her that I HATE Cockroaches…Shhh.