My dinner rotation just got a little bit bigger. If you read my blog, you know that I never cook. And you also know that I frequent the same one or two spots for dinner pretty much
everyday. Well, last night, the Doctor and I tried a spot that neither one of us had ever been. And since at my normal place, I get salmon, why not do something totally different? Seafood Gumbo, (haha) Stuffed Jalepenos, Hush puppies and fried shrimp. And it was delishhh! I will definitely put this spot in my dinner mix. And the strange part is, I have passed this place roughly twelve thousand times and I have never been there. The conversation was pretty cool too. I think I have gotten better at the whole one on one thing lately. Or maybe, girls are making it easier on me lately. Which ever the case, the conversation has been flowing. The only problem is when I ask about her day, she starts rattling off these huge words and acronyms pertaining to medical conditions and procedures and I have to ask her to break it down for me every single time. I wonder if that will ever get old for her. Its almost like she is speaking a totally different language. I’m going to go ahead and say she is probably the SMARTEST GIRL I have ever dated! She has to know that she is dating a DJ right? I mean I can probably give her the latest scoop about Kim and Kanye but I can’t really contribute anything about the variations of the left and right ventricles. But the good part is she’s nice. She’s smart. And best of all, she likes hanging out with me! Imagine that! Someone asked me yesterday if I had bought her a laptop yet. NO, I haven’t. Ok, maybe I paid for her Mani and Pedi, but that’s about it. I think I might take her to New Orleans this Friday for a quick one night trip. She’s never been and I haven’t been in a couple years. Stay tuned.

She did send me a pretty interesting text message yesterday. Around noon, I sent her a text asking her to tell me a joke. Knowing that girls typically aren’t the best joke tellers, I just wanted to see if she had anything. Trust me, it wouldn’t be a deal killer if she didn’t. In fact, I only know about 3 jokes myself. Anyway, she sent me back a text that read…”I don’t know any jokes but I did just try to put my finger up a guys butt, but he refused. Funny!” OOOOO-KAY! That’s a winner. That’s pretty much funnier than any joke that I could have come up with. Ok, I know she’s a doctor but that is the kind of thing that she will be doing (hopefully) for the rest of her life. Wow, I should have lots of stories for a while!