J-Si’s Blog: To stalk, or not to stalk…
J-Si’s Blog: To stalk, or not to stalk…

Well, I have an awesome opportunity tonight. I can finally go see Carrie Underwood. Believe it, or not… I have never seen her in concert. Kinsey has, but not me. Luckily, Bad Influence Paul got some tickets and invited Kinsey and me. The problem is that going to any sort of weekday concert is a whooping. It really is. Problem number two: who wants to babysit a baby on a Wednesday night? I tell ya, having a baby definitely puts a damper on the whole spontaneous concert thing. We managed to find a babysitter, but the cheap side of me wants to save money. She is getting to the house at 7ish. When we do this on a weekend, we come home by 10. That, right there, is $30 well spent. I heard Carrie does not go on until around 9 pm. See, if I thought there was a chance to meet Carrie, somehow… I would be there. I guess this makes me more a fan of her legs and looks, than her music. I wonder if I am the only groupie at her concert. Can guys be groupies? Yeah, we sure can… we just never succeed. To make matters worse, Kinsey is teasing with the “free pass” thing with comments like:

“Its your big shot, big daddy! What are you going to do.”?

“You finally get to try your ‘free pass’, and you don’t wanna go?”

“You may never get the opportunity again.”

Thanks, Kinsey… thanks. I just let her know that Cason says “papa” and not “mama” 🙂 I win.

Confession: is it ok for guys to shave their legs? I have been thinking about it. I keep seeing dudes with shaved legs, and I keep wondering if my legs would look good like that. I don’t grow any body hair… just leg hair, and the rouge nipple hair. I just have a huge problem with the whole consistency thing, so I would end up with cactus leg, which would lead to no cuddling, which would lead to… nothing. TMI? Ma bad. We are friends, its ok to share.