My Saturday was a pretty fun day. It started off at 8:30am with a 23 mile bike ride. Ok, that part wasn’t really that fun. Honestly, its not the long ass bike ride in the heat that gets me.bikeIt was the next 4-5 hours of the day after the ride. I sat and had 2 beers on the patio of my bar and smoked a cigar. Relaxing? Yes! But it still took the rest of the day for my body to recover after this long bike ride. During the ride, I was thinking that I would take my girlfriend out to dinner but I really didn’t know where (during a long bike ride you have lots of time to think).

Then at about 11:30am Saturday morning as I was attempting to regroup and gather myself, two people came into the bar to sit and have a drink. They said they were on sort of a mini-honeymoon. They had gotten married the night before in a small town about 150 miles from here and just came up for a quick weekend trip. I found all of this out within 3 minutes of them walking in. They seemed like a nice couple so we continued to talk. I asked them where they were going to dinner. They really didn’t know. So, I started naming places that I liked. Then I had an idea. I’ll invite them to dinner with my girlfriend and me. Sure, I had only known them for about 6 minutes at this point, but why not. I’m pretty sure they didn’t expect to walk into a bar and get a dinner invitation from the owner but they did. And they accepted. So now I have to tell my girlfriend that we are going to dinner with a couple that I have know for less than 10 minutes. Sure it might be a little awkward but what the heck. After delivering this news via text, she sent me a “lol” followed with a “sure”. Now we are set. I told my new friends that every once in a while I do spontaneous things like this but most of them only ever turn out ok. Examples:

1) Girl from San Antonio that I flew to town without ever meeting her but she ended up peeing on my floor.
2) Australian couple that came in to the bar and ended up spending the next 3 days at my apartment.

So we ended up inviting a few other people and it ended up being a group of 9 and it was a great time. My new friends came back to my bar and everyone had a great night!

My advice: step out of your comfort zone and live life. Maybe you’ll make a new friend along the way!!!