Ok, so one of those things that I have never done is to change a diaper. It’s not that unusual is it? I actually talked to several guys yesterday that were over 25 and ok, I was the only one that hadn’t done it. They weren’t even daddy’s either. They had changed either their little brother’s or sister’s or niece’s or nephew’s diapers. I don’t have and younger siblings and my older sister doesn’t have kids. Sure, I have thought about the fact that I have never changed a diaper before but I didn’t really think that I was alone. So, are there any “ordinary” things that other ordinary people have never done? I don’t mean something like jumping out of an airplane. I have never and will never do that. I mean something like changing a diaper. What have you never done?

bevoToday, there will be a cow at my bar. No, I have not started processing my own meat to save money. And this isn’t an ordinary cow. I guess the proper term is “steer.” There will be a steer at my bar. And this is maybe the most famous steer in the world. It’s BEVO. The University of Texas (Longhorn) Mascot. He will arrive with a motorcycle escort. WHY? Well, every city has a big college rivalry game, right? Well, this is the weekend for ours. It’s the University of Oklahoma vs the University of Texas. And it will probably not be much of a game. Texas isn’t really doing so well right now. But anyway, in my infinite wisdom, I thought it would be cool to have BEVO make an appearance at my bar and meet a few people that have never had the chance to get that up close and personal to a famous steer before. I know I haven’t. and besides, the $5 picture fee all goes to a charity in Austin that provides school supplies to needy kids. So, that’s a win-win, right? So write down BEVO right up under Naked Cowboy on the list of bar promotions for Big Al. Oh wow…what if the Naked Cowboy got to ride on BEVO??? Now, THAT’S a cool Promotion!