Welcome to another edition of: The Adventures of Cason Chavez. Cason will turn two in December, but he already has quite the little personality… and I think he takes after me. But, he has started doing some things that makes the one eyebrow do that high pitched “whaaaaaat?!?!” thing.

mermaidOur latest venture has to do with our trip to the fair. I felt like a boss with the amount of prizes that I won for him… but that was quickly replaced by a “what the hell am I going to do with all these stuffed animals?” when I got to the car. One of those prizes did not come from me. It came from Big Al. If you listened, Big Al actually won a fair game… the one where they guess you weight. So he didn’t really do anything heroic, but my boy, Big Al, was nice enough to let Cason pick out a prize. So what did Cason pick? A blowup mermaid. A pink blowup mermaid. I tried to see if he wanted something different, but Cason would not let go of that mermaid. In fact, when he picked it out, he said “mama” and grabbed it. So of course Kinsey almost started crying because her son thinks she’s a mermaid.

Fast forward to yesterday. I get home, and Cason is sitting on the couch eating some goldfish crackers, with his arm around his blowup doll. He then started giving her random kisses. I dont know if he has seen me doing the same with Kinsey, but it looks like he is picking up on it. He strokes her face. He carries her around. We went for a walk, and he had to bring her, so she sat on his lap in the stroller. I walked in on him in the TV room, and she was on her stomach, and he was giving her a massage. I there was a bunch of food all over the couch too… why? Because he was trying to feed her.

I guess I cant really complain, the lil guy knows how to treat a lady, but its still weird that my son’s first girlfriend is a blowup mermaid. Thanks, Big Al. It hurts my dad pride even more, knowing that out of all the things I won at the fair, his favorite one came from Al. haha! Dang it!