Another vacation has come and gone. What did I learn?

Being in a room full of doctors isn’t so bad.
Buy your airline tickets in advance!
Have a little enthusiasm in your response when your girlfriend asks you if you want her to cook dinner.
Never let Jenna pick your karaoke song…
Gary wit da T likes his butt squeezed!

I don’t even know where to start. I guess I’ll take it from the top and tackle one of these delicious topics everyday this week.
The doctors: there was a surprise party that I went to and the honoree was a doctor. Being one of the only non-doctors in the room can be a little weird. They use all of those big “doctor” words.

But at the end of the day, they are just normal people like everyone else. They have just had more education than most of us. And I guess I have to remember to not do the affectionate booty spank when we are in public. We were just standing there in the middle of the crowd and she leaned over on me so I gave her a quick hug like I normally do and I guess it was out of habit…my had just kind of ended up on her but and I did the little pow-pow. It was a harmless little smack. She said “baby, please don’t smack my butt in front of my work people…”


I probably shouldn’t have told that story!!!

More tomorrow…