J-Si’s Blog: We Are Super Close
J-Si’s Blog: We Are Super Close

I know, you are waiting to hear all about my crazy week off… sorry to disappoint. Not much of a crazy week here. We are so close to having the baby, that we kept it pretty chill. We did have a couple of firsts, though:

1. Cason’s first Instagram video (and his second),

2. Cason’s first ever fireworks show, which he loved. I wish we could take him to see one every day. The guy was mesmerized, which is the complete opposite of what some nay-sayers said would happen. I love getting posting about something, getting a bunch of people telling me how horrible it will end up going, and then it goes super smoothly! haha

3. My first movie role (and I was not an extra!). It’s not a big screen thing, but I was asked to play a DJ in an independent film. They rented out the studio, so I figured that I would be in comfortable environment. I came in, they gave me my lines, I did the lines, and boom… it was done. We finished that bad boy within two hours.

Kinsey did have her first pregnancy freak out this week. I went to grab us some food from the store. When I left, I had just been on my computer because I am obsessed with the Aaron Hernandez saga. When I got back, my Internet was not working. There is a very good explanation for that: The Internet was not working up to Kinsey’s standards, which is not a new thing. Honestly, our Internet service sucks… a lot. During the 40 minutes I was at the grocery store. Kinsey had what I describe as a “pregnancy roid rage freak out”. She got so fed up with the Internet situation, she got the phone, called the company up, and canceled service… leaving us with no internet. Hopefully, we get something this week. Good times!

Today does happen to be a happy day. On this day, three years ago, Kinsey and I got married. We just celebrated 11 years of being together last month, and today, we celebrate three years of keeping it “legal”.wedding-ceremony-holding-handsI wish I could go back to my wedding day three years ago and talk to myself. I wouldn’t warn myself about anything. In fact, I would love to tell that scared 27 year old boy that the best things are up ahead. I was so scared to get married, that I don’t think I fully enjoyed everything. I wish could have taken it in just a bit more. I can be honest with myself, and admit that I did not take those moments in as well as I could have, because I was afraid of screwing it up. All that went away when I saw Kinsey walking towards the altar. She has always looked beautiful to me, but at that moment I realized that she was going to be my partner in crime for the next 80 years… or more if they discover some cool science stuff, and the fear went away, and has not been back since. Who would have thought that in three years I would have an awesome lil boy, a lil girl ready to come play at any moment, and a solid marriage. We do have some tough times, but life is not really worth living if it doesn’t have the downs. Tough times bring us strength, and without those times, we wouldn’t have the ups. I tell Kinsey the same thing every anniversary, this year it is: I love you more than I did yesterday, and less than tomorrow. Three down, forever to go 🙂