It wasn’t a foot in mouth today, it was more of a miscommunication I would say. I told you yesterday that I wanted to take all of my employees to the state fair as a reward for all of their hard work. Well, I did. But while I sent emails out to most of the employees, the kitchen staff had to rely on me telling them in person. There is a bit of a communication barrier there. So, I was telling one of the cooks that I was taking them all to the fair. And I had to rely on the one cook to tell the rest of the kitchen staff that I was taking them all to the fair. You know how you do that thing when you are talking to someone that may not understand you? I started speaking with just a few words at a time. I was just saying: “Fair, everyone, tomorrow, 2 o’clock.” I was just saying it over and over and probably saying it louder and louder like people do, you know?

Well, everyone showed up at the bar just before 2 o’clock and we were all excited about going to the fair. Then 3 of the 6 kitchen staff showed up. They really weren’t looking as happy as the rest of the staff. They were kind of standing off to themselves and talking among themselves. Then it was time to go. I hollered out, “Ok, let’s go everybody.” To the Fair.”

Then, about that time, one of the cooks came to me and said, “We are sorry. We all fair?”

I’m like yes, lets go, Fair…get on the bus! (I was driving everyone on my bus so we didn’t have to park.) He repeated…Everyone? Fair? I was like this guy can’t believe that his boss is taking him to the fair. I felt happy to provide him with the trip.  He said, “why?” I said “because you all deserve it… lets go…Fair time.”

He went back to his other kitchen mates and said something in Spanish. And then they started walking toward the door but not toward the bus. I yelled, “Hey, where are yall going?” he said, “You said we fair.” I was like, “yes, we fair.” Then I finally realized…he thought I said “you are all Fire.”

Rosetta Stone, I need you!