Salmon, Salmon, Salmon, Salmon…4 days in a row. I do mix the veggies up a bit. I go back and forth between string beans and spinach. I may turn into a big piece of Blackened Salmon one of these days. The Doctor said to me yesterday as we ordered our salmon, “you ARE a creature of habit aren’t you?” I told her if she ever gets mad at me and wants to come give me a piece of her mind, I will be sitting right here at the same restaurant, in the same bar stool, eating salmon. She laughed.

Speaking of her, the “Sure Baby” phase continues but yesterday it got me wondering when did the two of us turn into a couple that’s been married for 20 years? This has been a weird week. There has been no snuggle snuggle time with her nighttime work schedule this month. But the two of us have managed to hang out together to…RUN ERRANDS!

Yup, we have spent a couple of hours together each day going to Target, Big Lots, Home Depot (twice). And when was it decided that I’m the guy that pushes the buggy around the store in this relationship? Isn’t the chick supposed to push the buggy? The ONLY time I want to push the buggy is when we are leaving the store and I can go really fast in the parking lot. I’m sorry if that is sexist but I really think the chick pushes the buggy. ALL THE TIME! If I’m by myself, that’s different. That’s why they put that little compartment right there…its for the kid to be close to mommy or for the girl’s purse…AS SHE PUSHES THE BUGGY.  Guys, don’t fall for this…we are men… we don’t push buggies! If they had meant for Guys to push them, they would have named them something else other than buggy. Guys shouldn’t even have to say the word “Buggy.”

This was a huge issue with us. We walked into the store and she started grabbing Christmas tree decorations and she asked me to get her a buggy. I said sure. I think its ok for the guy to go GET the buggy. But at that point, our buggy duty is done. I did. I brought it to her. She put stuff in it. She was in front of the buggy. I walked off into another direction. My job was done. I got the buggy. But no…she walked off too. Leaving the buggy there by itself. I picked up a few things and I saw her on a different isle. No buggy. I asked her where the buggy was. She said she thought I had it. I said I thought you had it. I put my foot down right there. I said listen young lady. The buggy pushing is your responsibility. You are the female and the buggies are made for women. I open the door for you and you push the buggy. It’s pretty simple. She thought I was kidding. I was serious. I think she got the message. She pushed the buggy.

Then we went to her house and she made me dinner…oops, I mean she made me– decorate her Christmas tree.

Have a good weekend.