Today is my Mom’s birthday!

Yesterday when I saw my dad, I promised him that I would go get some flowers for her, then sneak the card to him so that it would have his signature on it. Man I hope for a long lasting, love filled relationship like they have had.

Speaking of relationships, how about me having a girlfriend for 7 months??!! It’s been 7 months since I bought her that first drink at my bar…

Anyway, mom gets lunch today with her son. And we will discuss our upcoming trip to Mexico. Then on Sunday, I am closing the bar for 2
hours on Sunday and my sister is putting together a 100 person party for her. coronaThe funny part is that Sunday is Cinco de Mayo and my bar is full of Mexican beer decorations. Anytime there is a holiday, the beer or liquor companies come in and decorate for it. As soon as you walk in the door of the bar, there is a huge inflatable Swordfish hanging from the ceiling with a “pacifico” logo on it. There are huge inflatable “Modelo Especial” bottles scattered throughout. Corona banners are hanging all over the place. And somehow, my sister and the team are going to decorate through all of the Cinco de mayo madness. This will be interesting. Happy Birthday Mom!