Why is it that kids learn that freaking word? “No”. It’s short, it’s simple… it’s annoying. However, I personally believe that Kinsey and I have been very careful with using that word around him. We almost treat it like a bad word. Instead of yelling “no” when he is about to do something crazy, we say “Cason, please don’t do that.” That way you can throw a “please” in there and get your message across. So far that was working, until Sunday came around. I am pretty sure he picked it up while playing on the playground. This won’t be the only thing he picks up on the playground. That is where I learned about my body parts, sexy time, and crazy lies that kept me up at night.

So now Cason runs around the house saying “no” over and over again. His favorite word used to be “ball”. Here is how my encounters go with him now:

Me: Cason, wanna eat some lunch?
Cason: No!
Me: but you have t….
Cason: No!

Me: Cason, lets go play outside.no
Cason: ball!
Me: yes, we can play with the ball!
Cason: No!

Meanwhile, he walks over to the door to go outside, so he actually does want to play out there.

Me: Hi Cason! Papa is home!
Cason: no, no, no!

He is doing and saying other cute things, but he gets them from the Mickey Mouse Clubhouse, and they don’t mean anything. Like “ohhhh toodles!”, or “hot dawg!”, and “miska muska”. You know, things he can use in conversation when he gets older. Hopefully, Cason grows out of this “no it all” (see what I did there?!) stage… I sure have.

But I will definitely leave you with a normal Taco Tuesday dinner table interaction with Kinsey:

Kinsey: I memorized 3 of Cason’s books by heart… & I have pregnancy brain!
Me: not bad. What’d you do today?
Kinsey: I forget.
Cason: ha!

It’s no joke, she really has. It’s actually pretty impressing/annoying because I can’t read him a book without her mouthing the words or reciting them with me. haha!