Today is the day. I know most people wait until the first of the year to make a change of their eating habits. New Year, New You, right? Well, I can’t wait. I have semi started already but today, I am really getting serious. And if things go well, at the first of the year, I will have already lost 10 pounds and I’ll be well on my way. I know dieting is boring stuff to talk about or even read about but I had to put it out there in an attempt to try to START to hold myself accountable.

I spent Thursday with the entire family. Like I said in the last blog, the only thing that was missing was the “smell” of Thanksgiving. The house didn’t smell of Thanksgiving because the food, as good as it was, had been prepared somewhere else. But the feeling of the day way unmistakable. The entire family gathered around. We said Grace and dug in. We told some old stories and then some new ones too. I showed everyone the Killer Karaoke video clip with the girl with the snakes. And we watched football. And as pathetic as the game was, we still had a great time with one another.

The day before, Wednesday evening, I was at the bar and one of my Friends/customers asked me what I was doing for Thanksgiving and I told him that Friday morning, I would be going to Mexico to spend a couple days. I made the casual statement, “you should get a ticket and come with me.” Well, he did! He pulled out his phone and checked the rate on the flight. He called his wife to get the ok from home. She signed off on it. Then, Friday morning, the two of us were on a plane. How’s that for spontaneous? I changed my one bedroom to a two bedroom and we were set. He is a pretty laid back dude so there wasn’t a big need for me to do any activity planning. We pretty much just wandered around and drank beer. He seemed fine with that plan. The two of us have hung out at my bar before but we had never taken a trip before. In fact, we had never even talked about taking a trip before but it was a pretty cool weekend so maybe we will again at some point.

The big office Christmas Party is this weekend and yes, I have bought my date a dress. More on that tomorrow!