Good news: we made it back from Mexico with no problem! Yay!

It was not one of those flawless trips though. I should have known something was up when we arrived in Mexico and had to wait about an hour an a half to go through immigration and customs. Two flights beat us at the landing the plane game, and those planes were the big double decker ones. Yup, a few hundred people waiting in line in front of us… and only 4 windows open. haha! We stayed at bio dad’s house the first night we got there. The second day, we headed out to the grandparent house to celebrate “tanksgiving!”. I will give it up to bio fam… they did it right! We had a full on turkey, stuffing, pumpkin pie, cranberries, gravy, mashed potatoes, and sweet potatoes. This is where it got a lil Mexican. The sweet potatoes were just mashed potatoes with marshmallows on top. Then it got really Mexican because we had a piñata! I am not sure if other families celebrating thanksgiving had a piñata, but we did, and in true piñata fashion, at least was person was accidentally hit with the stick. That person would be my 4 year old brother. He got excited because a lil bit of candy came out, but my cousin kept swinging.

We went home and rested up after the huge dinner because were gonna hit up my uncle’s ranch. Now, I had never been to his ranch… this thing was humongous! We needed to use a four wheeler to get back and forth from the guest home to the party area. He had 12 horses, a pony, exotic birds, a rodeo stadium with stands. You name it, the ranch had it! This is also the place where Cason and I became the party ruiners. It is probably not our fault, but it happened. First night there, about 2 hours in… I fainted. Yup, I fainted in front of the entire bio fam. I was sitting next to Kinsey, we were all talking, and next thing I know… I woke up with every. single. person. around me. Not the best feeling ever. So that fun event ended things for the night. Now, I am supposed to go to the doctor again. I blame it on the travel, and on being too much of a fun guy.

Fast forward to the following day: big party, everyone having a good time, and Cason projectile vomiting all over the place. If it went into his mouth, it came out with extremely awesome force. He would puke, and keep on trying to play while smiling. Good times. Luckily, we had a doctor at the ranch with us: my grandpa. He gave us some direction. So bio dad and I went on an expedition to find a suppository and some pedialyte. This was the first time Cason got supper sick, and the first time I had to administer a suppository. Not the best feeling in the world having to put that thing in your own son. Doctor offered, but I felt that I needed to complete that duty. I wont go into much detail, but it got messy. We spoon fed him water and pedialyte, and he would return it to sender. That ended the party for us. We could have kept going because bio dad got us a nanny for the weekend to make sure we enjoyed ourselves, but Kinsey did not know how to let the nanny help. haha.

Not all was bad, we did get on some horses, and Kinsey did attempt to speak Spanish the entire time. Poor Kinsey would sit there while we talked with a fun look on her face. She wants to get Rosetta Stone again. So thats a nice lil Christmas gift hint. I also rode horses, even though I am afraid of them… but nothing compares to the fact that I drove in Mexico. WHAT?!?! Yup, I did. By far, the scariest experience EVER. My grandpa has bad eyes and bio dad asked if I would drive the car back from the ranch to Mexico City. Here are the rules in Mexico when it comes to driving:

1. Don’t use your blinkers

2. you want to merge, dont bother if there is anyone there.

3. Honk for no reason.

4. drive while you straddle the traffic lines.

5. Here in the US my peeps tend to drive a bit slower… in Mexico, there is no speed limit, apparently. Theres one posted, nobody follows.

6. And please make sure to tailgate at a very dangerous distance.

There is my trip in a nutshell. Good times!