This is a true mystery. The Mystery of the piece of chicken. I’m sure it’s a joke of some sort but I’m gonna say its more puzzling than funny. Ok, the weather has been somewhat cool at night here so a lot of the time, I will leave my sliding glass door open and leave the AC off. But when I do that, when I get home, thru the front door, unless I stand right there and wait, the front door doesn’t close completely. There is some sort of draft or something and the door will have about a two inch gap in it. this was the case Saturday night/Sunday morning. I’m not exactly sure what time it was. Sometime between 2am and 7am, someone came into my apartment thru the front door and went into my fridge and got out a piece of chicken from an old box of chicken and ate it. then they left the piece of chicken on my counter.

Here are my working theories:

a)    Someone wants to play a joke and they saw the opportunity with my door slightly ajar and they went for it.

b)    Someone came home drunk and thought they were in their apartment and after looking in the fridge, they realized they were in the wrong apartment and they took off.

c)    There is a chicken thief in Lincoln Park…hide your wings, hide your thighs, hide your drumsticks, they jacking chickens up in here.

So, I really don’t know what to think here. Is this the same person that stole my Christmas Tree stand last year? I have no idea. And there are no other clues.

Doctor and I went to a basketball game over the weekend. It was her first NBA game since she moved here a year and a half ago. She told me that despite having an apartment here and a small group of friend, she still doesn’t feel like this is her home. I remember that from honey 3. And a few months later, honey 3 was gone. Hmmm.