I’m getting my happy back. I have been in the funkiest of funky funks for the last month or so every since the Honey 3 break up occurred over a month ago. Obviously, we haven’t reconciled or done anything like that so, its up to me to get out of my funk myself. When you are feeling bad about a relationship, how do you get out of that down in the dump feeling? I have no clue. I think the only remedy for that feeling is just time. They say time heals all wounds and that’s the only suggestion I can offer to anyone that may happen to be going through the same thing.

Have I got a few phone numbers of girls since the break up? Yes. But that didn’t make me feel any better. The only thing that has made me feel a little bit better is the fact that a little bit of time has passed. How will I get my happy back? Dr. Phil says that when you are grieving a loss like this, you should set a date and say that after that date, you won’t be sad any more. That date was yesterday for me. So, today is that day for me to turn this thing around. Look out world. Happy Al is back. That was me getting myself fired up to be happy!

 Speaking of happy, visiting my mom made me happy yesterday. Going to church would have made me happy as well but I dropped the ball on that again. Like I said earlier, I just haven’t been myself, and not going to church is definitely NOT me.

I was glad to hear from my mom that she DIDN’T send the $4000 to the company that was asking for the “taxes” up front to claim her $500,000 that has been “deposited in her account.” Are there people out there that fall for this? Obviously, there are…but I am glad to say that Dora Bell is not one of them.

Maybe I can be a rent-a-husband for a lady here and there. Twice this weekend, 2 different girls called me that needed some “man-help.” One needed help because of a toilet leak. So what did I do? I went and reset her toilet. The other one was a headlight that needed to be replaced. There’s not a lot of things that I can repair, but thanks to these two ladies for helping me realize that I can be of help to a lady in need.