Yesterday, I really did see something that I have NEVER seen before. FOR REAL! how about a naked man on the floor in my building?

I was leaving my apartment at around 1pm yesterday and I heard a couple of voices coming from where the elevators are located. It was a woman and a man but I really couldn’t tell what they were saying.

As I approached the elevator, I couldn’t really believe what I saw. It was a woman standing there, looking down at her friend, boyfriend, husband, I’m not really sure or their relationship. The man, was laying on the ground this his pants around his thighs, unfastened and no underwear. He was mumbling and groaning and talking gibberish. She clearly was trying to get him to stand up but he was not having it. At first, I couldn’t really tell what the problem was. He could have been on medication. He could have been drunk. He could have been in need of medication. Or maybe a high on something. Or maybe it was a combination. About 1 minute after I walked on the scene, the elevator opened and 2 guys were on and they stepped out to help. We somehow managed to get my neighbor up and with our help, we helped him walk… and he couldn’t make it by himself. So we carried him the rest of the way. We opened his apartment door and carried him to his bedroom door. We put him on his door and told him to stay put. We really didn’t think that would be a problem considering he couldn’t walk. We went back to the hall and talked to his lady friend and she said she thought he should go to the hospital. We called 911. As we waited, the lady friend tried to get into the apartment. He had not only locked the door, he had locked the security deadbolt. It could only be unlocked from the inside.

We knocked and knocked but he would not unlock it. The Firemen arrived and now we don’t know whether the guy is alive or dead or passed out or what. That’s when the girlfriend let us know he was a diabetic. So now it’s serious.

The firemen knocked in the door with that battering ram deal. Pretty much ruining the door and the frame. He was passed out but again, he appeared to be drunk but who knows what the underlying conditions were. On top of all that, he refused to be taken to the hospital. Lots of drama in the high rise yesterday!