Big Al’s Blog: I got to meet Blake
Big Al’s Blog: I got to meet Blake

Who says that you shouldn’t ever meet the celeb that you really Love? NOT ME!

Yes, I went back stage and I got to meet Blake. Sure, we met briefly about a year ago and said hello. This time we got to talk for a couple minutes and it was great. Let me say this; Blake was probably about as personable and cool as anyone ever has been. If I didn’t know he was a super famous dude, I know he would be just as cool and down to earth.

So, here’s what happened. The guy that is in charge of the venue where the concert took place sent me an email a week ago inviting me backstage. So, my girlfriend and I accepted. We were in this room with about 20-30 other people. I think the others were contest winners from the radio. Anyway, when it was our turn, Blake turned to me and said, “Big Al.”

big-al-blog-042516We hugged and chatted for a brief minute. I introduced him to my girlfriend. Then I took out my phone to take a selfie. That’s when he leaned in for the biggest, longest MAN-KISS ever! This is going to sound very “50 Shades” but his lips were on the side of my face forever! I swear it lasted about an hour. Haha, ok, maybe 30 minutes. So, I took multiple selfies of Blake kissing me…and just like that, it was over. He did say that he was looking MORE forward to having a beer than picking up the Wench. So, I guess the winch will now become bar decoration on a shelf.

This was by far the coolest moment for me. And it was cool because he was so nice. He didn’t have to be. And boy, would that have sucked if it had gone the other way. Blake, I still have your beer waiting buddy!