I never thought I would say these words but here goes: I want to go to the Lady Gaga concert. There’s nothing wrong with Lady Gaga. In fact, I think she puts out some pretty good music. But if you could see the Circus that is across from where I live and the sheer number of vehicles that have assembled to put this thing on you would think, “I need to go to that concert.” I have lived across the street from the American Airline center for 4 years. I have never seen anything like this. First of all, there have to be at least (30) eighteen wheelers parked in the parking lot along with about 10 or 15 tour busses. The funny part is that these trucks and busses are parked in the main parking lot where the customers park. And on top of that, there is some sort of tent set up in the center of the parking lot but there are 6 or 7 eighteen wheelers surrounding the tent where you cant really see what’s going on in there. Maybe this is some sort of “holding area” for the little monsters that camp out, I really don’t know. But to say that this thing is a “spectacle” would be an understatement. And honestly, speaking as a business person, I have no idea how the Gaga people pay for this thing. The average ticket price (without going to a scalper) was about $120 or so. I know… I bought 2 for a friend. Well, I’m sure that I won’t be going to see the awesomeness of Lady Gaga this evening but to all of the little Monsters that are going to this show or when she comes through your town, I hope it is much fun INSIDE as it looks from the outside.

Speaking of spectacles, Midget Wrestling is coming back to my bar this Thursday night. OK, I don’t think anyone will be camping out to see the little guys do their thing this Thursday night but you never know. There may not be any eighteen wheelers or tour busses but there will be a 15 passenger van pulling a u-haul behind it. I actually had a Karaoke contest last weekend to pick a singer for the National Anthem to be sung before the event starts. I reached out and sent emails to Brooke Hogan to see if she would sing for me. Nope. Then I asked Gavin Degraw to see how much he would charge…Booked! Gavin1What other cool celebs do I have in my cell phone??? Fefe Dobson! WHO??? Yea, that’s why I didn’t call her. My cell phone isn’t exactly the Who’s Who of the entertainment world. Oh well, “Timberly” won the Karaoke contest and she will do the honors! Congrats Timberly!