They say guys are all liars. Well, I think I proved that this past SUNDAY and I pretty much did it in a huge way. But here’s the thing…There was absolutely NO REASON for the lie. My life was not enhanced by this lie one bit. It was not planned or premeditated in any sort of way. It was a spontaneous and off the cuff as anything I have ever done. And are you ready for this part ladies and gentlemen??? I told this lie INSIDE THE CHURCH HOUSE! And after I told it, I was sitting there asking myself, “Why did I just tell that lie?” it was like I was sitting there listening to myself and I was telling me, “Why are you lying to this lady?” I shook my head in disgust as I looked and listened to me utter this lie!
churchcrowdSo, here was the situation. I showed up at church right on time. Service started at 8 and I got there at 8:40. Anyway, when you get there that late, the ushers show you where to sit. One directs you to the section that you will sit in. the next one directs you to the row that you need to sit in. and she did. The row was almost full but there was room for 2 more people. I sat on the end. Then, the usher bent down and said to me, please scoot down to make room for one more person. I IMMEDIATELY responded: “I’m waiting on someone.” NO I WASN’T… IT was 8:40 in the morning. All my friends are sleeping. I looked at this woman and whispered a lie right to her face, In the upper balcony in my church. And if I was waiting on someone, they would never find me. There’s 1500 people at my church. I just wanted to sit on the end. Plain and simple. I LIED!
Ok, I need to say this. The church was not full. There were lots of seats. But yes, my section was getting full. And scooting down would mean that I would then be sitting in between 2 people that I don’t know. People do it all the time. At ball games, at concerts, on airplanes. But for some inexplicable reason, on this day, I didn’t want to sit between 2 strangers and I was willing to tell a BOLD FACE LIE IN THE CHURCH HOUSE to make sure that didn’t happen.
God, I’m so sorry that I lied…in your house, I told a lie for no reason at all. I go to church to understand the bible and to hopefully balance out all of the bad stuff I do with some good stuff. And there I was. I had not said a word to another person since the night before. That’s right. The first words that I said on Sunday morning to another human being were untrue words and I said them in the church house. Oh my God! Who am i???
What’s the last lie that you told?