JSi’s Blog: I Have Manly Friends
JSi’s Blog: I Have Manly Friends

You want to know how manly my day was yesterday? Well, it started with an invite to
a Bachelor watching party… the invite came from Bad Influence Paul. He was cooking dinner and setting up his projector screen. Kinsey was pumped, we packed Cason’s bag, and we hit the road. I can honestly say that I miss Monday Night Football already, but I can also admit that I enjoy watching The Bachelor. I don’t know why, I just do. Watching this show gave me an idea. You know how us dudes have ESPN?espn You go to that channel and there is nothing but sports news and sporting events on. Women need something like that. E! is on track with it, but it’s not what I am envisioning. I am talking about a Sports Center type show, where there’s some analyzing going on. Slow motion replays, circling things, and talking about what people on reality shows should have done or said. What prompted this? The fact that EVERY SINGLE GIRL on last nights episode looked like they were horrible kissers. Ladies, you only get one shot to make this guy’s legs go weak… and you give him a peck? Really? Come on, man! The tight lip peck on the first kiss, is the death of any possible relationship.

My manliness continued on the way home after the show. I have a buddy named Nick,who texts me here and there. We played football together, and have hung out a few times, but he is truly my source of sports news. If I am out and about, like yesterday, and receive a text from him… its going to be something I may have missed in the sporting world. This is how it went yesterday on the ride home.

Me: oh, my boy Nick texted.
Kinsey: and…
Me: he’s probably telling me that the chargers finally picked up a head coach, or
something crazy went down in a basketball game
Kinsey: boring.
Me: watch! (open text) well…
Kinsey: is it about the chargers?
Me: no… he said “man, Chris Harrison is trying really hard to be friends with Sean”
Kinsey: hahaha!
Me: I guess I wasn’t the only dude watching this show tonight.