I guess it was just last weekend that I was thinking how cool it would be to do something that only a select few people in the world would ever get to do. Lets say, play in the superbowl for example. As I watched last weekend, I started to really get happy for all of the guys playing as I realized what a small group of people would ever do this. And last night, I really started to feel the same way about the performers at the Grammys. There are lots of bands and performers in the world but to be one that wins a Grammy?? Wow, what an experience for the few of these entertainers. And when you think about some of the new ones that were virtually unknown as recent as 2 years ago. And now they are nominated and winning Grammy awards. I hope they enjoy it and appreciate the moment.

Well, today is the last full day of my weight loss bet. I really turned it on last week but the weekend was a different story. Normally, Saturday morning, I’m go for a serious 2 hour work out but I barely could get out of the bed, and Sunday wasn’t much different. I was doing so well last week, but somehow, on the weekend, I just ran out of gas. So, today, I will go knock it out of the park but will it be too little too late? We will see.

It was a Doctor/girlfriend free weekend. She went out of town to visit family,and when the cat’s away, the mouse will…do nothing. I was so lame. I sat at home on Friday night and finally got up and about and headed to my bar around 11 p.m. I did get to see and visit with the listener that came up to bartend as her “dream came true.” She flew down from Pennsylvania and fulfilled her dream to bartend. And Saturday wasn’t much different. At least not for me. I actually watched Saturday Night Live for the first time in a looooong time. Television DreamsThen around midnight, I rolled into the bar and hung out for a couple hours. and rolling into a bar at midnight when everyone there has been drinking and you are sober…haha, that’s not much fun. You never really can “catch up” to them. They have too much of a drinking head start. Today, I will visit dad and try to lose the last 5 pounds. Haha, ok, I won’t lose 5 pounds in a day but I’ll try to do my best and finish strong so I don’t lose the bet.

The biggest thing that happened this weekend happened Friday evening, as my mom was walking her dogs. A stray Pit Bull came out of nowhere and started attacking her dogs. Both of them were bitten but not seriously, but in all of the happenings, my mom got tangled up in the leash and she fell down. It was awful. She chipped a front tooth and hurt her hand but it could have been a LOT worse. Fortunately, the stray dog was more interested in the other dogs and not interested in attacking my mom. Thank You God! Neighbors came out and shooed the stray dog away. My mom was shaken up, but she’s ok.