We have our first house drama! It’s bound to happen right?! You buy a house, and something of large value has to completely break or collapse on you. Well, as of last week, we do not have a living room, because it doesn’t have any walls. We had Kellie’s boy, Nacho, come over to help paint our living room. I figure that paying someone that knows what they are doing, and learning from them, is better than messing up bad. Well, after the paint was poured, and Nacho started the painting process, he noticed something. Apparently, the room was remodeled a la cheap-o. Instead of using dry wall in that room, the contractors used some weird wood boards that were starting to bubble up. This means we would have had to tear the room down in a couple months… so we tore it down on Friday, which means we don’t have living room for the time being, and we have to pay for the materials, and the new walls… and I am broke again. Yay! It’s all good though, because I did install some light that light up the side of the house. YouTube helped me with that. Kinsey wanted them because she is still scared about the guy who tried to walk into our house. What are lights that light up the walls on the outside of the house going to do? I don’t know, but she wanted them.

With all this commotion, I still managed to have my scheduled wrestling match with Cason. These are good for him because they toughen him up… I think he has been toughened up too much because after our little match was over, I was laying there, resting, and out of nowhere I was hit by what appeared to be an anvil. Luckily, it was not an anvil. wrestlerIt was Cason, who had grabbed Kinsey’s phone, walked back towards me, and sucker phone punched me. He gave me a black eye too. It actually looks pretty cool. I went out to catch up with an old work buddy that night, and I was actually asked what happened… I forgot to make up a cool story, so I had to think fast. So what did I say? I went with the good ol “I hit my face on the doorknob” story… you know, cause I am short enough to hit my eye on a doorknob. Totally seems like a legit story. I would get Cason back, but Kinsey said I can’t. Little dude gets away with his cheap shot this time!