Big Al’s Blog: It Might Be That Time
Big Al’s Blog: It Might Be That Time

Watching The Bachelor with Doctor girlfriend is such a trip…I’m sitting here yelling at shawn to wake up and smell the Tierra…and my girl is sitting here just making the most awesome sound effects and sighs that I’ve ever heard. UUUUGH, Ohhhh! I can’t even come close to spelling the disgust that she has while watching (or listening) to this show. She freaking HAAAAAATES it! She moans and groans the entire time its on…but fortunately, for me, she doesn’t grab the remote and just change the channel…especially, considering the fact that we are watching her TV. Uh oh…she just noticed that I am blogging about her and that’s a NO NO. gotta change the subject. How about that Beyonce, huh? Wow, was that impressive or what? It’s been almost 5 years but it may be time to sell The Beer Bucket.(my Bar in Playa del Carmen).

My spare time seems to really be getting more and more limited…Then again, Spring break is right around the corner and I had a huge 5 year anniversary party in the works for Memorial day weekend…Hmmm…What a tough decision! But to run a bar in the same city that you are in is tough enough. And my mom is even coming to Playa in May. But then again, she can make the trip with me whether or not I own a bar, right? Decisions, decisions. It doesn’t seem like its been 5 years. everyone said I was crazy when I started talking about buying a bar in Mexico. And I have to admit, I thought it was pretty crazy as well. The papers were signed in a lawyers office but they were all in Spanish.

Then we went downstairs to the laundrymat/video store to make copies. I paid for tickets for the whole Morning show to go for the Grand Opening. My first manager pretty much stole all the money for the first 6 months. One old guy would always sit there with no shirt on and drink all afternoon and rumor has it, he sold weed out of his wooden leg. (allegedly.) Handcuffed to Psycho Shanon for a weekend. I met Melissa Rycroft there…she told me it was her birthday and I went to walmart to get party decorations and a cake…three hours later, she fessed up. it wasn’t really her birthday. Bartendica, Sign girl, Melissa, Honey 2, Webbed toe that I didn’t know, and Of course, Doctor Girlfriend have all visited. J-si’s Bachelor party. I took The Staff from The MAT went down there with me a year ago. Ahhh, the memories! Well, it may be the end of an era. The bottom line is it was fun and I have no regrets. And I hope it brings as much joy and fun to the next owner as it did to me.


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