Last week, we were given our Samsung Galaxy from Kidd. Do I like the phone? Yup, I may even be willing to say I am falling in love with it, but I will keep playing hard to get, since I am technically still dating the iPhone at this moment. The only problem with my Galaxy is that I keep getting random calls from weird bill collectors. They call at 11 pm, 7 am, 4 pm… basically anytime during the day, about 6-7 times a day. I don’t answer these calls, but enough was enough. I finally had enough, and answered one of those annoying calls yesterday. It was a woman, and she asked to speak with Denerick (I think thats how you spell it). I told the lady that I was not that person she was looking for, and this is how the call ended up:

Me: Sorry, I am not Denerick

Lady: You are not Denerick? really?! (in condescending tone)

Me: Nope.

Lady: Well, Denerick… you owe us some money.

Me: I don’t owe you any money, due to the fact that I am not Denerick.

Lady: Ok. Dont worry, we will get our money, Denerick. Hope you can sleep tonight.

Me: What does…


The lady freaking hung up on me! And when did bill collectors start with weird threats like that? So I called that dang number back. It took me to the same lady (thank god), and this is what went down.

Me: Excuse me, did you threaten me and hang up?

Lady: No, I just told you we would get our money

Me: And what does being able to sleep have to do with this?

Lady: Nothing.

Me: Well can I talk to your manager to get my number removed from your list?

Lady: Sure, Denerick.

Me: Wow.

Lady: Do you still want to speak to my manager, or are you going to pay your debt.

Me: You know you are harassing a person that does not have debt with you, and you can be sued? (I have no idea if this is true, but I said it)

Lady: me?

Me: Yup… hope you can pay lawyer fees, cause you are liable. (again, speaking out of my butt)

Lady: sir, listen. I dont have any money. If you say you are not him, I will take you off.

Me: oh no… I really want to talk now. This just got real.

Lady: sir, I dont have any money.

Me: thats too bad… should have thought about that before harassing me 4 times a day, 7 days a week.

Lady: I am going to go a**h***! I actually have a job and pay my bills on time. (click)

First of all, how does she know I dont pay my bills on time? haha. Once again, I got hung up on. So I called back.  I guess she has caller ID, so I was forwarded to her voicemail… I sat there quietly, and the machine said it did not recognize the message because it was silent, and to press 1 to try again. So pressed 1, and put the phone next to the TV, and left the phone there. I don’t know how long the message ended up being. But I took up her line, and prevented her from harassing people like Denerick, and from receiving messages. I win the Monday battle. Let’s see if she calls back today.