Big Al’s Blog: It must run in the family
Big Al’s Blog: It must run in the family

When did I turn into Fred Sanford? Maybe, it’s my dad rubbing off on me or maybe it’s my grandparents that influenced me a little. I’m not exactly sure how it happened, but somehow, I have turned into Fred Sanford. Over the last 10 years or more, I have owned a few of businesses and I have invested in some real estate. And I guess the longer that you live, the more stuff you accumulate. But today, I made a trip to a guy’s townhouse. He sanfordasked me the other day if I wanted to buy a stove and a microwave. They were only a couple years old and his wife wanted new appliances. Even though I have NOTHING to do with that stuff now, I bought it. Another lady that I know asked me if I wanted to buy her dinning room set. Even though I have no need for a dining room table, I do need some dining room chairs for my table. After a little more conversation with her, she talked me into not one but two tables. A kitchen nook table and dining room table and about 10 total chairs. Did I mention that I live ALONE in a one bedroom apartment? And I have to travel about 30 miles to pick this stuff up.

When I was growing up, my dad did the same thing. I remember at one point when I was a kid, my dad had multiple warehouses full of old furniture that he had acquired over the years. So, maybe I get it honestly. My Grandad had a three car garage full of stuff that he had gathered over the years. He could barely fit his one car inside the garage. And the amazing thing is, you could ask either of them where something was, and they could pretty much go right to it. I guess I am following in their footsteps.

Pretty soon, I can open up a consignment store. I took a quick inventory of some of the stuff that I have bought/acquired over the past few years that I am storing in a storage unit. Here’s the short list:

42” TV                        28” TV in box             60” TV

Refrigerator              washer/dryer                        Stainless Steel BBQ Grill

BBQ Grill/Smoker that is mounted on a trailer

Queen Bed

Red craftsman toolbox on wheels

Dining room table

4 chairs

30 Patio Chairs (They were on sale, 75% off at home depot)



Gas Stove

6 propane tanks

4 tires with rims

Phone system with 4 phones

Futon bed/couch

3 computers

That’s all I can think of but I know there is more! Does this make me a pack rat or Fred Sanford?