J-Si’s Blog: Best surprise ever!
J-Si’s Blog: Best surprise ever!

I have been on the show for over 7 years now… I know, time flies! This upcoming Kidd’s Kids trip is going to be my 8th trip. This means that I have attempted to surprise families for every trip I have gone on. We call them Kidd’s Kids reveals. Some of them are very emotional, some are not. It just depends on the reaction of the family. Sometimes the family doesn’t even have a clue what the trip is all about, or what our show is, so it turns into a “are you messing with me” moment. Those can be awkward sometimes. haha.

disneyworldWell, I can honestly say that I had the best reveal I have personally ever been a part of. I thought Monday’s reveal was super special. We told one of our nurses who has gone on the trip numerous times that her daughter, who is battling cancer, was chosen. Tears were shed. We know her personally. It was beautiful. Then I went on another one yesterday. Shanon set this up. It takes a lot of trust to set one of these up, because if someone spills the beans, the secret spreads like wildfire. That did not happen. Shanon found out that the family is always together at school. Why? Because both parents are teachers at the school, and both of their lil ones attend. You know what this means? The whole family is there! That is the toughest thing to make sure happens. It makes it way more special for the family, because they all find out together.

So Shanon spoke to the principal, who set up an assembly to celebrate Constitution Day. I was introduced as the special guest, “Jose”, and I was supposed to speak about how wonderful it is to live in this country. I then revealed that I was not there to talk about the constitution. Then I brought up the lil girl on the stage, then her mom, then her brother, and then the dad. All of the family members were on stage. Then I introduced the Johnson’s, who went on the trip last year, to talk about what the trip meant to them, and after they were done speaking, they told the family that they had been chosen for this years trip. It was like a passing of the torch between two Kidd’s Kids families. Tears were shed, smiles were all over the place, and one little girl ended up incredibly happy.

There was one lil whoopsie by me. I wanted the whole school to help the family yell “We’re going to Disney World!!!!” It was an assist from the audience. Unfortunately, some of the lil kids in the audience really thought that they were going too. So their teacher had to tell them that it was just the family on stage. My bad.

You know what made it even more incredible for me? The fact that it brought my spirits up and made me forget the fact that two hours beforehand I found out my entire bank account had been cleaned out. Yay! I don’t know how it happened, or when it happened, but I just got an email from the bank telling me there was suspicious activity. So I checked my account, and my heart sank. They said I will get my money back, but it will take a lil time for them to do a lil investigating and find out what happened. Luckily I have a different bank account with money in it, so we are not screwed, but we will be if they don’t give me my dang money back soon. 🙂