I guess it’s official. I have bought mom’s ticket to Mexico. I am sooo buying her a sombrero. This is going to be the best trip EVER! We’re going to walk on the beach, not sure if she wants to swim with the dolphins but I bet she would love to watch other people swim with the dolphins. I’m sure an event like this is no biggie to a lot of people but I can’t remember seeing my mom on a beach, EVER. We all went to Hawaii back when I was a kid but all I remember about that trip was Pearl Harbor and this hot little Blasian chick that I met and I accidentally gave her the wrong phone number. Man she was hot!

Anyway, don’t tell mom but I bought her a business class plane ticket too! Not only is this the first time for us to take a trip together, it’s the first time that I have taken HER on a trip period! Man what was I thinking? Why did I wait so long? I have NO excuse. I guess I never really thought about taking my mom on a trip. Man, that’s really terrible. I’ve taken girls on trips so many times. Ok, I just remembered. 10 years ago, I did send my mom and dad to New York a couple times. But my point is it’s been a long time. It’s well overdue.

Hmmm, what will my mom want to do in mexico? coolioI guess we can go see the Mayan ruins. We can walk through the shopping areas of Playa del Carmen. She really doesn’t drink so tequila shots are out of the question. This is going to take some thought. Normally, I just drink and bar hop. Add in to the equation that I’m going to have to show Coolio around too??? No combination of two people could be more different. Coolio and my mother.

Wow, this will be interesting!