It is official, I am completely done with American Idol. Cason really likes shows with clapping, so we tend to watch some sort of live show before his bedtime so he can listen to some music, dance a bit, and clap once the performance is over. Unfortunately for me, it was Motown week on Idol. I want to sit in on one of their production meetings
that probably go like this:

Producer 1: what should we do next week?

Producer 2: well, people keep complaining that our show does not produce pop stars…

Producer 1: we need to fix that.

21 year old Intern: why don’t we do a “current pop” week, to see if we have someone that can become the next Bruno Marz, Justin Timberlake, Lady Gaga, or Katy Perry.

Producer 2: hmmmm…. A. who asked you? and B. That would bring in too many viewers and bring in a younger audience.

Producer 1: yeah, lets do Motown week! It’s not boring at all, and the contestants always pick the best songs that week.

Producer 2: that week always kills it with my mom! Lets do it! Call Smokey Robinson!

I am pretty sure that the meetings are pretty close to that. As soon as Cason went to bed, I was going to turn it off, but it was so bad that I could not change the channel,cason which was good because I was able to see THE worst performance I have ever seen on a live competition show. Three of the guys performed together, one of the guys (Lazaro, the guy with the studder) completely forgot his lyrics. At the end, Minaj went off on them and told them to get off the stage, and then when Ryan let them talk about what just happened, two of them threw Lazaro under the bus. It was the most awkward thing I have seen since I watched Big Al make out with the 73 year old lady in Mexico.