Big Al’s Blog: Kiss now ask questions later
Big Al’s Blog: Kiss now ask questions later

I will give Emily (Maynard) credit for one thing. She walked the walk as far as not doing the overnight dates. At least as far as we could tell by watching on TV. Sure she is a single mom but she is trying to do the right thing. But she does kiss a lot. I mean she may love kissing more than I do. and trust me, I love kissing. Why wouldn’t I? I mean I am an excellent kisser. Kiss on the first date? Heck yes I kiss on the first date. I kiss when I get your phone number to ASK you to go on the first date. Kissing should be required on the first date. I mean, how many times have you met someone and then found out (the hard way) that they are a terrible kisser and by then, you have already wasted 2-3 dates with them. Kissing is crucial.

You can under kiss. You can over kiss. You can go clockwise with your tongue and the other person does to. Maybe you are a person that just puts the tongue out there and doesn’t move it at all. And don’t even get me started on the kissers that open their mouths way to wide. Man, there are so many variations of kissing and the couple needs to be kiss compatible. If not the relationship is doomed. So, why put this off until the third date. I say KISS NOW, ASK QUESTIONS LATER!

This brings me to an interesting thought. If you are a person in need of kissing strategies, feel free to get with me. I could be your kissing coach. Don’t laugh. There are coaches for everything else. Relationship coaches, there are even coaches for “doing it.” so why not have a kiss coach? And I am just the person to do it. I mean Kidd is always asking me that need to tell him what I’m good at. Kissing is my thing! Big Al’s Kissing Camp. I guess I better set up my website…

Anyway, back to the show. Sean, dude, you did look pathetic but I will give you props for not bursting into tears when you got rejected. I try to put myself in the place of the dudes on this show but its tough. First of all, I would never do it. and most of these guys are the types of guys that I would steer so far from even on a “hanging out” type of level. Any way, I don’t think there is any doubt in my mind that she will pick Jef. He seems to have this thing wrapped up. and I am so glad. There are only 7 weeks left until Monday night football and I need to get ready!

Did I mention that I am a great kisser?