So, I made a woman cry again. But at least it’s not for a really bad reason. At least I don’t think so.

This girl was sitting at the bar with her parents and somehow, I could just tell they were from out of town. The girl appeared to be in her mid twenties. We chatted off and on as I usually do with people. I found out that this was the first time the girl would be living more than 50 miles away from her parents. They were all from Chicago and they came to find the daughter a place to live, check out the area for cool restaurants, bars, shopping, etc. So, I guess we had been talking about an hour or so and I learned that this was their first visit here and they didn’t know anyone. So I grabbed a business card and I wrote my cell number on the back and I gave it to the dad. He looked a little surprised. bcI assured him that I wasn’t hitting on him. I told him and his wife that I was giving them my number just in case. Like if for whatever reason they couldn’t get a hold of the daughter and they wanted to get a hold of a person that was at least was close by, they could call me. I explained that I have kids and I would like to know someone in the area. I don’t know if the mom was just emotional because her daughter was leaving the house or what but she started crying. I looked at dad and said “it’s not the first time I made a woman cry…today.” I’m not really sure what that meant but at least they laughed a little.