Look, I am extremely happy about our baby on board but there is no way that my excitement level can surpass Kinsey’s. She is on a whole other playing field when it comes to “MinKin”. Kinsey is in charge of making sure I have a shirt ready to go for our TV show, Dish Nation. She took on this role because she can call herself my stylist but in reality she goest to Target or to Nordstrom Rack and buys me a shirt in a color that I don’t have. Side note: we are running out of colors to buy. Pretty sure I have every single color possible now. It’s fun for her, because she gets to go shopping for a few hours, and I get to have daddy/son time with the Caso.

On Friday she came back with waaaaaaaay more than she usually does. Normally, she comes home with a shirt for me and one for Cason… she may come home with a lil trinket for the house. This times she walked in with a huge bag of: baby clothes. She went a little crazy with the baby girl stuff. She bought newborn stuff. She bought bows. She bought dresses for one year olds. She bought toddler stuff. Pretty sure she bought stuff for MinKin that she can wear when she is 16 years old. On Saturday, Kinsey went to Home Depot… and came back with more baby clothes. I honestly think that she finds a reason to get out of the house, to get more baby girl stuff. bagsHow do you go to Home Depot and come home with a onesie with a tutu? Yesterday, she went to the grocery store to pick up some food for her sister’s Masters party… and she comes back with some baby girl shoes. What is happening in this world? Even Cason gave her the “what is happening with my life” look. This was just the first weekend, and she went nutty with it. Hopefully this does not keep happening because if this is what having a girl is going to be like, I am in trouble. In fact, I am starting the “J-Si is having a daughter and his wife has gone loca with baby girl clothes” fund. If you would like to donate, please do.