Big Al’s Blog: Meet him or eat him
Big Al’s Blog: Meet him or eat him

My life is so freaking boring right now. And I know that sounds weird coming from a guy that’s on the radio and T.V. and owns a bar in Dallas and one in Playa del Carmen.

Hamster the Pig, Meet him or Eat him?

But that’s the way I feel. The most exciting thing that I have really done in the last week was taking my mom to lunch. Woohoo, PARTY! My relationship isn’t boring but she is working every single day so we don’t really get a chance to do anything right now.

spinderellaPlanning the big Kellie Rasberry birthday party is a fun and exciting thing I guess but its pretty much planned. The fun part was checking to see which artist was available on the date of the party and affordable for me to be able to pay for…and of course, it needed to be someone that Kellie liked. But now, that’s done. Spinderella will open the show as the House DJ and then Rob Base and DJ EZ Rock will be the headliners.

Well, I guess this is kinda exciting. You remember Hamster the Pig that I wrote about in my blog last week? well, I had an idea to help Hamster’s owner Emma raise money for vet school. I wrote her mom an email and I suggested that we bring Hamster the pig to my bar for a “Meet and Eat.” We will have two buckets there for people to make donations of $5 for Emma’s education fund. One bucket will be a “meet” bucket and one bucket will be an “eat” bucket. If you donate in the meet bucket, you can pose for a pic with Hamster. If you donate in the eat bucket, you will get a gift card to come back for the pulled pork sandwich after that fateful. It really is tough to be the person that is coming up with an idea about how to turn a perfectly healthy pig into bacon and pork chops. But if its tough for me, I can’t imagine how Emma feels. But I really like Bacon. In fact, I watched 3 episodes of “United States of Bacon” this past weekend!