But, do I know the palm of my hand? That is the question. Maybe the fact that I had an eventful day playing with some bubbles and dirt in the backyard altered my state of mind. Ok, Cason was playing with them, I watched. Maybe it’s the weird smell coming from the little bit of construction work Nacho was performing in our house. Maybe it’s the fact that I saw a dude a the gym do handstand push ups on one of those weird half ball things at the gym, and then I tried and hit my head. Any of those things could have been the reason why I did what I did.

Here is the scene in question: Cason and I are getting home from a grocery store trip. I called Kinsey on my way home, letting her know I was near by. When I do this, she has been known to come out and greet me outside. Whether I am coming home from work, or coming home from playing ping pong at Bad Influence Paul’s house… she will be out there. dog As I approached out house, I saw her walking our remaining chihuahua, who doesn’t pee in the house, toward our house. I am a fan of the sneak up, so I decided to play one on her. It was about 6:30, so it was getting dark out, which makes sneaking up way easier. I get to the stop sign, stop, look both ways, and start moving slowly. I roll the window down as I approached her and as I pull up I scream, “what up gurrrrrl! Wanna get down wit this?!” As I said “wit this” I noticed something… when she turned around, she did not have Kinsey’s face, and the dog was not Dex… looked a lot like Dex but
was not my dog. Then I had to do the awkward apology to a girl who almost peed her pants, drove 10 feet to my driveway, and parked. I like to make friends in my neighborhood, like a champion!

Kinsey laughed at me when I told her the story, and reminded me that if I scare her, I will enjoy sleeping in our new guest bedroom. yay! 🙂