Our first 24 hours of London have been Non-stop. It started off with 10 hours of flying, but it actually wasn’t that bad. We arrived at 8am and everyone was saying not to go to bed because that would enhance the Jet lag. I actually think that my sleep patterns are so messed up that it probably wouldn’t matter.
First we got settled into our rooms. I’m bunking with J-Si and we have twin beds that are about 6 inches from each other. We started off with a walk to find breakfast. We walked and walked and walked. Remind me to not go on a breakfast search with 8 other people. We couldn’t agree on anything. Finally, we split into 2 groups and my group got waffles.
Observation #1: ice cubes are a serious commodity in London. Kellie ordered a Diet Coke with ice and I think there were about 4 ice cubes in the glass.
There are stories galore but here are a few highlights:

Kellie looking for the “Pound” store.

The British equivalent of the Dollar store…

J-Si and me finding our new friends at the London Tavern.

J-Si and me drinking for 4 straight hours. Getting lost on “the tube.”

Those are the starter highlights.

Todays plan: Me and J-si are going to the Olympic village

Me and J-Si are going to the “US Athletes House”, that’s the place where all the US athletes hang out when they don’t have anything to do…to see if we can find us a real live Olympic Athlete.

And yes we did find us one. In fact, we found a few. It wasn’t Michael Phelps or anything but there were a few there. But first off, we started our day with a lot of walking. That seems to be the primary mode of transportation. Well, that and the “tube” which is the subway. Its not real tough to navigate but we did get on the wrong train a couple of times.
London is great though. Its pretty clean. I feel pretty safe but its not like there is an overwhelming amount of security.

And wow, who would have known that there would be so many Fried Chicken places in London? Oh yeah…I came all the way to London to eat some BFC…British Fried Chicken.
Last night, I told Kellie that I had a great story to tell her, but I needed her to have a drink first and I needed to have one as well before I told her. Kellie and I have known each other for a lot of years so I can pretty much tell her anything. But I had kept this story to myself for the past week. Kellie loves embarrassing stories as long as she isn’t the one being embarrassed. But this time it was all about her. I told the story and the group died laughing. Kellie turned a shade of red that I had never seen before. But she wasn’t mad so no harm, no foul. I’m sure I’ll tell this story on the air but I won’t tell it here right now. But you have GOT to hear it! Then it was off to the party at the US athlete’s House. we met a female bronze medal winner in Judo. Her name was Abby. Everyone here is so friendly and she was no exception. And wow, her assistant was pretty hot too. Being in the room with Medal winners is so cool. Just the fact that these people are the first, or second or third best in the world at what they do is amazing!!!