I am going to admit it… Big Al Mack almost got us kicked out of the hotel yesterday. No, not because he ran around naked, or hit on some important dude’s wife. He almost got us kicked out because he cracked us all up with a lil story he told about Kellie Rasberry. It’s a bit personal, and it involves a very intimate body part that may have been slightly exposed about a week ago. But he told Kellie he wanted to tell her something, but that they both needed to get a couple drinks in them before telling her what it was. It was the most awkward/hilarious moment of the trip thus far. I will not flat out tell you what it was, but if I were to tell you in the form of a children’s song, it would be the very popular: Head and shoulders, knees, and camel toe. Love that song! Every person in that part of the hotel ended up listening in on the story, and we got the stank eye from the staff about 34 times.

I also tried “fish and chips” for the first time. Have you ever tried fish sticks? Yes? Cool, tastes about the same. Not that big of a deal, but people rave about the “fish and chips”. I don’t get it. If you end up coming to London, you can get them if you want, but I am telling you that it is just a glorified fish stick. BTW, I am not a gay fish (if you watch Southpark, you get that. If you dont… I am still not a gay fish).

And Al and I made our glorious entry into the US Olympic House… which is NOT where the athletes live, contrary to popular belief. You know how people say that backstage at a concert is not a huge party, and that it’s pretty boring? This is the equivalent of that. All it is: a building with a store where you can buy US Olympic shirts, and where they have TV’s showing the Olympics. We did run into a couple athletes:

1. The silver medalist in women’s synchronized diving. Her name was Abby.


2. The bronze medalist in women’s judo. Her name was Marti.

They were surrounded by family, so we basically felt out of place. But Al spent his time hitting on the training parter of the judo winner. Why? I dont know. I personally would not want to date a girl who could easily take me down with no problem. ha. He did get the number, and I am happy to announce that we finally have london honey #1.

You know what I really want to do? I want to go find those guys who sit in front of the palace, wearing those huge hats, and I want to try to make them laugh. How? I dont know, but I am pretty sure that they have never laughed, and I have no idea how they do it. Do they wear ear plugs? Do they take a muscle relaxer? Are tourists really not that funny? They are the only ones who know the answer.