Is it all about me? I sure hope not but I have to admit…I have heard that before. So, I am going to make a serious effort to NOT just do what I want to do and go where I want to go. I hope I am not that inconsiderate. (I guess you can tell that someone had a serious discussion last night.) I guess without realizing it, I sometimes come up with all of the plans. Let’s go here. Let’s do this. Lets do that. I don’t intentionally try to do just what I want to do. In fact, I’m making a decision right now. I will do whatever she wants to do this weekend. Anything, no matter what it is. This will be the first weekend that she has had off in about a month so whatever she wants, that’s what we will do. Assuming that whatever she wants to do can be done at my bar while watching The Sweet 16 of the basketball tournament.

Speaking of basketball, week 1 of March Madness is in the books and it was pretty awesome. Sure, the weather was cloudy and cool but it could have been worse. People came out and watched basketball and it was a pretty fun weekend at my bar. I actually rented this huge trailer that is actually a portable bar. It was set up in the front parking lot and was a serious eye catcher. And if profits aren’t a huge priority, I highly recommend that you rent this for your next event. Ok, it wasn’t a huge money maker. But it sure did look cool! Come on people, it’s not all about the money people. Ok, maybe some of my ideas may not be the best when it comes to good business decisions.

Reindeer in the parking lot, Big Foot Monster truck in parking lot and Bikini Pub Crawl. Ok those are a few examples of ideas that could be called questionable. But then again, you are talking to the guy that came up with the whole “Rent a Limo and get a Free Ham!” the Ham promotion ROCKED! How in the heck do I stay in business???

I have been invited to a baby shower announcement. Honestly, I don’t think I have ever been to a baby shower before. its-aThen again, I’m a guy. The happy couple have an appointment to go to the doctor for a sonogram. But they aren’t going to actually find out the result. The sex of the baby will be written down on paper by the doctor and sealed in an envelope and then at the party, the couple and all of the guests will find out at the exact same time. That’s pretty cool, huh?