Well, I finally met her. Lolo Jones was in the house. And as usual, I had no game. But at least I did find the courage to introduce myself. And yes, she was looking good. I walked up to her with my trusty recorder in my hand and the first time I said hi, can I get a quick interview? She said, “They’re about to introduce me.” Oops, ok. I guess timing is everything. So a few minutes later I was able to get a little conversation going. But how awkward is it to try to interview someone when you’ve been “internet stalking” someone for the past 2 months and talking about them on the radio as well? Very awkward. But she was pretty nice…or at least she tolerated me. That’s probably the best way to put it.
During the event, she was a judge. I guess I should mention what the event was that brought our worlds together. It was the Redbull Soapbox Derby. She is sponsored by Redbull and she was brought in to be one of the celebrity judges. I was brought in to be one of the TV hosts. I interviewed some of the race drivers after they did their runs. So, after the event started, she and I were in different locations. She was within eye sight so I spent half of my time waving at her. That wasn’t weird at all. And I would ask several of the racers that I interviewed if they thought I had any chance of hooking up with Lolo Jones. Some got it and some didn’t. Anyway, after no real evidence that she was feeling any chemistry, I kinda gave up. No honey #4 there.
On Sunday, a friend actually drove 40 miles to come see me. That was cool. I met her in London and really didn’t think I would ever see her again. But she was in town from Colorado for a meeting and she asked where my bar was and she and her boss came and watched some football. It’s so hard for me to have a conversation at my bar. All I can do is sit for a minute and I look around and I notice that someone is searching for a waitress so I try to find one. Or I notice that a table needs to be cleaned and I get up and clean it. My friend asked if I would sit and talk to them and I did. And sure enough, I would get up and go “fix” another problem. I’ve got to learn to let people do their jobs and not try to do everything myself I guess. I don’t know why I do that all the time. Anyway, I did manage to sit and talk to them in 5-6 minute intervals. She is a Judo instructor and one of her students actually won a medal at the Olympics in London. I thought I’d do something special for her while she was at the bar so I poured 78 shots, 1 for each person in the bar. And then I grabbed the mic and made an announcement. “My friend Christal is here. I met her in London at the Olympics and she came to see me so I decided to buy a shot for everyone in the bar in her honor so everyone come to the bar and get your shot!”
She said that no one ever made a tribute in her honor before…
Anyway, her hotness did motivate me. That may explain why I got up this morning at 3:30 and got my butt on the spin bike.