He did it!!! Cason has learned how to crawl. As much as we wanted him to do this for the last 8 months, I wish he would go back to being immobile, and wanting to only walk around with our help. He has turned into a bit of a creeper. I go to the bathroom to take a numero uno, look to the right, and there’s Cason, watching, and smiling. Funny… but creepy. Go into the bedroom after taking a shower to get dressed, look to my left, and there’s Cason with his lil smile once again. He is doing this to Kinsey as well. He is the cutest creeper I have ever seen.

 Everyone asks what got him to crawl for the first time. There is always that one thing that babies really want, and it gets them to crawl. Well, Cason crawled for the first time because he wanted to grab… drum roll… dog poo. Yup, a doll. It’s ok, he doesn’t know. We were at our friend’s house, having a play date/college football watching party, and Cason got on his knees, and crawled to dog poo. I wish it would have been a football, but I would be lying. Good news: we found some dog poo that had been unexpectedly dropped under a coffee table. Bad news: it’s dog poo. Bonus good news: We grabbed Cason before things got messy, thank God.

We do have some more good news: the house inspection went well! The foundation on the house is perfect! Yes!!! But the roof needs some fixing up. So as long as the current owner agrees to fix it, we will be official home owners!

And in even more good news (we really needed a good news weekend, after the year we have been having): My mom sent us some CD’s, but not just any CD’s… she sent us Cri Cri! This is what I listened to as a baby/kid. I don’t have very many memories before the age of 5-6, but I remember listening to these songs. I can’t describe the joy that is brought upon me when I listen to these songs. It’s like I am transported back to my childhood, when nothing mattered. What makes this even better is that I get to share this with my son.

Random question: How do I make sure Kinsey and I don’t go to sleep before 10 pm on weekends? We can’t seem to be able to do that. Any tips would be greatly appreciated, except tips that involve becoming cocaine or meth addicts. Thank you 🙂