Ok, when people ask what do you think, How are you doing, and other simple conversational questions, we really don’t want to hear negative answers. Kind of like, “does this make my butt look big?” OK???

So when I post on my facebook: “I haven’t had dining room chairs in 5 years, what do you think about the ones I got today?” I really don’t want to hear the words: ugly, dated, worn, grandma, refinish, really?,

whatnottodoNor do I really want to hear the phrases: paint and refinish them, verdict is out, hate the chairs, recover them now, awful, not so good, take dr. girlfriend with you, etc. all I really was doing there was sharing a little bit of my apartment with people. Whatever happened to the phrase, If you don’t have anything to say, shut up? Y’ALL GONNNA MAKE ME LOSE MY MIND>>>UP IN HERRR< UP IN HERRR…

HOW YOU GONNA TELL ME WHATS PERFECT FOR ME? Sure, I probably would have picked out something different if I had been in a store. But I bought them from a friend for a whopping $100 for all six. And they clearly are worth more. And yes, I REALIZE THE CHAIRS DON’T MATCH MY TABLE. IF I HAD WANTED THE CHAIRS TO MATCH THE TABLE, I WOULD HAVE BOUGHT THE FREAKING CHAIRS THAT WERE WITH THE FREAKING TABLE IN THE FREAKING STORE! GRRRRRR…ok, I will calm down now. And I was going to have a nice little dinner party for all of the listeners at my house so people could sit in my new chairs. NOPE, not any more. YOU RUINED IT FOR EVERYBODY!

Next time someone asks you what you think about something, if you don’t like it, just be kind to the person and say something like, “did you keep the receipt?”