There is a new internet epidemic taking place, and it was cracking me up. We are all familiar with the selfie. Girls tend to be the culprits when it comes to selfies. To make it a selfie, the picture has to be taken by the person in the picture. A lot of people keep calling a picture of someone by themselves, taken by someone else, a selfie. That is wrong… that is just called a picture.

selfieSo yesterday, I am still at work, and received a couple of messages on facebook from Kinsey’s friends. They were letting me know that the pictures I had taken of Kinsey with the babies were beautiful. I was flattered that they would complement me, but it was pretty impossible for me to have taken the pictures, due to not being home. So I went on facebook, and had received a message from Kinsey. It was a picture of her in bed sleeping with the two lil ones and it said, “wish you were here to cuddle!”. She had also posted a different one on her facebook page. I started cracking up because I knew who had taken the pictures as soon as I saw them: Kinsey. I was cracking up because I could not wait to get home and see how many times she attempted to take the pictures before she got one that she liked. We were on the couch when we started talking about it. I asked if she was happy with her selfie taking ability, and she started laughing. I told her that she should make sure you couldn’t see the shadow of her arm holding the camera in the picture. HA! She then told me that she was actually talking to her best friend, and they were talking strategy for their baby/mommy selfies.

That led me to ask Kinsey to see her phone, so that I could see the outtakes… which were hilarious. In some of them she is doing the weird awkward neck turning thing, with one eye kind of open, so that she could make sure the phone was pointed right at them. In total, Kinsey took 37 pictures before finding 2 that she liked. Its becoming an epidemic. She said it took her about 30 minutes to do this… and then she complains that she didn’t get to nap, because she was busy capturing the perfect selfie. haha