If you are a new listener/blog reader, here’s a news flash…I SUCK AT RELATIONSHIPS.

I officially unjoined the dating site. WHAT WAS I THINKING? That’s not the answer. At least not for me. NOT now. Probably NOT NEVER!

I have not made it any secret how much I liked this girl and 2 days after she dumps me, I somehow thought that was the answer? BIG AL ARE YOU REALLY THAT STUPID?  Maybe I was going to make that be the thing that made me less frustrated with myself, about somehow screwing another relationship up. I guess I was just looking for something to fill the void of Honey 3, but I think I’m over that now. Being by myself isn’t that bad. Lord knows I’ve done it many times before. I have gone to movies alone, Six Flags alone, vacationed alone… Being in my apartment alone shouldn’t be too tough. This time was different though. This girl was different. I was talking to a buddy about her today, and I told him I don’t think I have felt like that about a girl in years. Honestly, it wasn’t anything that she did, it was just a feeling, and it had me doing crazy stuff. I probably did just enough to make her think I’m the craziest guy out there. I probably sent her a few too many texts. I probably shouldn’t have bought the ticket to Mexico. Ok, maybe I shouldn’t have tried to surprise her with a hotel suite. The list of things I shouldn’t have done goes on and on. I remember one time I was dating this girl, Andi, and after we had dated for close to 2 years, left me for a dude that bought her a car. I never forgot about that. Isn’t it funny when you are coming out of a relationship, you examine every little thing that you did…or didn’t do.

It’s tough (for me) to talk to guys about how much I liked a girl. That’s just not a very “manly” thing to do. I don’t think guys in general like to discuss their relationships with other guys. But my buddy did assure me that I wasn’t the first guy that was completely “whipped” by a woman and I won’t be the last. I guess there is a little bit of comfort knowing that I’m not the only guy that has ever been in this spot. Any guys out there that were completely turned upside down by a woman? “Shout out!” You would think I would know better but I guess I didn’t. I guess I was just feeling frustrated and I thought I needed someone or somewhere to focus all of the attention that I was giving her…But guys, the answer is not a dating service… I don’t even think it’s a strip club. I know what may work. Maybe, it really is time for a puppy. I’ve been toying with that idea for several weeks now.