I was invited to what is usually a girls’ night out last night. Ok, I have to fess up. I wasn’t the only guy invited. So why did they invite the guys to girls night? My bet is that girls night out is boring and they needed the guys to spice it up a bit. Yeah, that’s it. It is way more likely for a guy to be invited to a girls night than it is for a girl to be invited to guys night…This group of girls gather together every Wednesday night at the same place and at the same time But what is the point of having boyfriends if you can’t hang out with them right ladies? They have dinner at this one place that allows people to bring their own wine into the building. And everyone pretty much did. Personally, I felt like we, the guys, shouldn’t have been there but it was nice to see Scalewhat they do every Wednesday night. They sit around and chat about people. Guys, girls, it doesn’t matter. And at the end of the night, they divide the check up 23 different ways and they go home!

After fighting the food and alcohol the first 9 days of 2013, the weight loss bet has hit the reset button. I weighed in several days ago but my counterpart was sick so he didn’t. So now, 10 days later we had to weigh in together and everything that I did doesn’t count. But at least I got to eat and drink for one full day. So now, I have started all over again. But the motivation is the same. It’s basically about a $2500 bet. The loser has to pay for a trip for 4 to New Orleans. Airfare, Hotel, everything. It RESTARTED yesterday and goes until Fat Tuesday. That’s when we will weigh in again and determine the winner. So if you happen to see me with a beer, a chicken wing, or a biscuit in my hand any time in the next 34 days, please feel free to Pimp Slap it out of my hand and tell me its for my own good.