This moment was bound to happen, and I honestly was very scared about how I would react to it. Nothing worse than waiting for something to happen, and not knowing how your mind and body are going to process the situation. We have had some pretty crappy weather lately, and we haven’t been able to let Cason play outside. Nothing worse than a cason-tricyclecranky baby, who has been stuck inside all day. So, since homeboy was running around the house throwing his fire truck at the TV, locking himself in the bathroom, and ripping pages out of my Men’s Health magazine, I decided to take him to the mall to play in one of those play areas. Smart, right? Wrong.


See, Cason is only 1, and likes to touch and play with anything that anyone is playing with. There was a wheel like thing that a log of Kids were playing with, and he walked over to look at it. I could tell that he wanted to play with it too, but he actually waited his turn. A lil girl finished spinning the wheel for a few seconds. Cason started walking over to the thing, and an older boy (about 4 years old) runs in out of nowhere and cuts Cason off. I am watching all of this, and understand that kids are going to be kids… but then it happened. Cason walked up to the toy anyways, smiling, and laughing. He looked at the kid and tried to play with the wheel too. Well, this lil punk was not having it. He slapped Cason’s hand and screamed “no!!” at him. We don’t even say “no” to Cason. We try to say “please don’t do that” or “Please stop”. Cason stood there, not knowing what he did wrong… his lip started to quiver, and started crying. The lil kid noticed, pushed Cason down on his butt and ran away. Saying that I was livid would be an understatement. I felt this weird parent rage that I had not felt before. I have never hit a child, but at that very moment, I felt like it would be warranted. Don’t worry, I only envisioned it in my mind… I would never actually do it. Plus, the kids parent will surely take care of their bully, right? Nope. The kids mom laughed it off. I didn’t say anything, I just gave them a look. A four year old should know not to shove and slap a lil one year old… right? I don’t know. That’s why I didn’t say anything, but I was still fuming when I went to bed. I seriously could not get over this kid pushing and slapping my kid’s hand. I will get over it, and Cason will get older and be able to protect himself from bullies. But, I am glad that situation finally occurred, and I am glad I know that I have the strength to keep my mouth shut. Nothing more awkward than the two parents screaming at each other at the mall.

I don’t know if that was the proper reaction, or if I should have told the kids mom off, but it worked out alright. She didn’t do anything, and I am sure she was dying of embarrassment inside and used the laughing as a defense mechanism… or at least I like to think so.