I finally went to see the new Denzel movie last night, FLIGHT. I am sort of a Denzel fan. I have seen my share of his movies to say the least. I am trying to think who exactly I would compare him to. Maybe a Tom Hanks without the awards. Maybe a younger Harrison Ford. I’m not exactly sure how old Harrison Ford is but I would like to think that Denzel is younger. First of all, Hollywood continued in this movie to refuse to hook up two black people together. In fact, Denzel has two “hook ups” in this movie and neither one of them is a black on black thang. I have no idea why pairing two black people together is such a Hollywood No No.

Anyway, I remember turning to Doctor 2 or 3 times during the movie and saying, I hate seeing Denzel in this way. He was sure convincing in his role as an alcoholic pilot. I always want to see Denzel play the strong Black guy that rescues the girl or the Badass that saves the day in some way. And I guess in some way, he does save something but I can’t tell you what it was or it would spoil it for you. But in a weird way, I felt depressed after it was over. But I guess that’s all I’ll say. It was a pretty good movie. It was a very different type of role for him. And I will say that even though it moved kinda slow, it kept me interested throughout. Go see it.

Earlier in the day, I told doctor that we needed to go to the mall. But when she pulled up to the bar to pick me up, she walked in with a hot, just out of the oven, Apple Pie and a pint of ice cream. We had this conversation about a week ago and somehow it came up that I had never had apple pie. My mom never made that type of pie when I was growing up and I had never tried it anywhere else. So, the doctor decided to surprise me after her 36 hour work shift and she baked me a pie. And it was delicious. And I’m not just saying that… it was awesome. In fact, there was even enough pie to go around to the 5 or 6 mid afternoon customers that were in the bar. And when I told her that no girl had ever made me a pie before, it was like she didn’t believe me. But it’s the truth. I have never had a girl bake a pie for me. It was some sort of home recipe and it was great. Score one for the doctor!