You know what is smart? Having auto insurance, not picking fights with people twice your size, putting gummy bears on top of your frozen yogurt… and steering clear from any political talk on social media. I cannot express how glad I am that the election process is finally over. My email box is going to be extremely happy as well because I was getting non stop emails from Obama’s camp, and Romney’s camp. How did they get my email? I have no idea, but they did.

I didn’t talk about who was getting my vote, because it wasn’t necessary. I am not here to change people’s minds or steer them in my direction. We all have our reasons for who we liked better, and I am pretty sure changing someone’s mind is almost as impossible as hooking up with Carrie Underwood. It causes fights, people stop talking to each other, and things can get nasty. So I just stayed out of that business. No matter who would have been elected, I would respect, and support. No kicking, no pouting. I feel lucky to be able to live in this country… so disrespecting the highest office in this country is not happening. If our candidate loses, there’s nothing more we can do, we just have to support. Unfortunately, there are some people on my Facebook newsfeed that may not be here to support because I saw a lot of “I am buying a one way ticket out of this Country” and “our country is officially *******!” Really? Is every person really moving out of here? That’s a lil extreme. I do think that those people should be held responsible for their comments. Let them move to another country, so they can see that living in this one is actually pretty awesome. The thing that got to me the most were the racist comments. People were calling the man who is in charge of our country, and his wife, the most horrible things. Pretty sure Romney would not be happy to see those comments from his supporters, in the same way Obama would not be happy to see the gloating and bad comments about Romney. Man I wish I could just go off on every person who said horrible things about Romney and Obama, but I keep it chill because I know we will be ok! Things will eventually get better. Plus, the world is ending in December… so let’s enjoy this last month 🙂 So if you are disappointed in some friends over their reaction to “winning” or “losing” the election… take a breath, watch videos of drunk Diane Swayer during the election, and know that in about a month all the political talk will die down again… until the next election.

Instead of immersing myself in the horrible Facebook and Twitter fights, I hung with Cason. Yup, we had a dad/son night. Kinsey went out with her friends to celebrate a birthday. My favorite moments in life, lately, happen when I am alone with him around 5 pm. He goes to sleep around 7, so I do my best to tire his lil butt out. How do I do that? Training. Yes, I am training my son to walk and to blow kisses at girls. I just have to make sure that Kinsey is home when he goes into a full on walk. Yesterday he was able to walk across the living room before he noticed that I was not holding him and flopped down on his butt. I know that we should not want him to walk yet because he will get into everything, but he does that already… it just takes him longer to get to the “no touching” things. Or, he wants us to hold his hand while he walks around the house, and that gets pretty annoying. So wish us luck with “Operation Cason Walk”!